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What are some examples of advanced dental technology?

There have been many improvements in the materials used in dental care, from filling and dental crown materials to the crafting of porcelain veneers and high-quality dentures. Implant dentistry is also an area in which advanced dental technology has completely changed the landscape of dental care.

Few areas of dental care have been transformed more fully than imaging. Today’s imaging options go far beyond the simple X-rays many adults recall from their early dental experiences.

Cone beam scanning is a prime example. Dental cone beam tomography, or CT scanning, uses advanced technology to create 3D imaging of your teeth, bone, nerve pathways, and other soft tissues. These images give your dentist a great deal of information about your dental structures.

How are digital X-rays different from traditional X-rays?

X-ray imaging has long been used to learn more about teeth and bone structures. Traditional X-rays are made using specific rays of light, a form of electromagnetic radiation. As that light passes through your body, various structures absorb it differently.

The light is then captured on film. More dense tissue types will show up on the film as white imaging, and less dense tissues show up in shades of gray.

With digital X-rays, the imaging is gathered by digital technology rather than film. Digital X-rays create clearer images that help your dentist gain a deeper understanding of your dental structures. Modern X-ray platforms use far less radiation than older systems.

How does an intraoral scanner work?

Intraoral scanners are handheld devices that are placed in your mouth to gather images. They contain their own light source and are moved around your mouth to collect data on the specifications of your teeth and oral tissues.

Special computer software converts that data into incredibly detailed imaging. The entire process takes just a few moments, and the resulting imaging is both immediately available and easily stored in a digital format.

When you rely on Oasis Family Dentistry for care, you’ll have access to advanced dental technology during all diagnostic and treatment services. Team members have the skills and training needed to use these tools to enhance your care. Book your visit today with a quick phone call or a few clicks of the mouse.